About us

Double Creek Farm is a farm situated in Imbil in the beautiful Mary Valley, Queensland. We established the farm in 1999 after moving to Australia from South Africa. When we left South Africa, the country was experiencing an evolution towards warmbloods for performance showjumping and dressage horses but at that stage there was only a handful of warmblood breeders in South Africa. This evolution sparked our interest in breeding warmbloods in Australia.

​​We have both been involved in horses all our lives, with backgrounds in show-jumping and dressage. Both of us have had success in both fields over the years and are still very competitive today.


The property has been developed since 1999 into the well designed equestrian facility it is now. We started the stud with a small number of horses and breed between 1  and 8 foals a year using our own stallion Jaybee Akebono and other stallions both in Australia and overseas. 

For us the most important qualities in a performance horse are temperament, trainability and soundness. Success is hard to achieve without these qualities no matter how much movement and ability the horse may have.

Our main focus on Double Creek Farm is the preparation and training of the horses we breed from the time they are born, through their initial halter training to breaking in and riding. We like to ensure that our horses are well balanced and confident individuals and aim to match the horses to their new owners so that great partnerships are born.


If you would like to hear more then please call or email and we will be happy to respond to your query.