How we Grow


With Passion!!!

In our changing and challenging climatic conditions we have chosen to grow our produce in a computerised greenhouse. This helps in controlling the plant environment and reduces the impact of pests and diseases which in turn decreases  the amount of organic sprays that we use. It also allows us to effectively use predatory insects, beneficial fungi,bacteria and microbes.

It is a sustainable method making optimal use of resources. We also offset our electricty costs by using extensive solar power generation. 

The greenhouse computer controls environmental conditions of the greenhouse by opening and closing vents and periodic misting to ensure that temperature, humidity and the overall environmental conditions are optimal for the plants to live, grow and produce. The computer also controls the watering of the plants based on the weather conditions of the day.

The plants nutritional requirements are closely monitored and are tailored for their stage of growth. In the same way as children and young animals have different nutritional requirements compared to when they are adults, plants have different requirements in their early growth stages compared to when they are producing tomatoes, cucumbers or eggplant as the case may be. 

This is what gives our produce an awesome taste, consitancy and is nutritionally balanced.