We are a small grower of fresh produce and aim for:

Great taste

We pride ourselves in being a specialty grower and to us producting great tasting produce is very important. How many times have you bought tomatoes only to find that they have no taste! When you taste our tomatoes you will say to yourself "That's how tomatoes are supposed to taste!" ... and that applies to all the produce that we grow.



Our customers normally receive their orders on the day it is picked or the day after depending on their location. That way we can ensure that anybody eating our produce is getting it as fresh as possible.


Certified Chemical free

We are certifed chemical free . Let's face it the world is full of bugs and spores and they like our plants too! We limit the impact of pests by growing in a greenhouse but we can't stop everything. We use an integrated pest management program which involves actively monitoring plants for pests and diseases, introducing beneficials (basically good bugs that eat bad bugs) and selectively spraying with organic sprays. This ensures that our crops stay healthly and continue to produce great produce.